Mediation can be used in both personal and business transactions. It is a way in which two or more parties can use an impartial and independent third party to facilitate them in negotiating their own terms of agreement, while addressing the needs and interests of all involved. Mediation enables people to make their own decisions. Mediation can be used to resolve conflicts in the home, work place and as an alternative to commercial litigation.


The Mediator is neither a judge nor an arbitrator and will not adjudicate on the rights or wrongs of your case. Instead the Mediator will support both parties in identifying their issues and needs and then explore how those needs may be addressed and how both parties might come to agreement which is mutually beneficial, costs less then litigation and often helps to preserve and improve the relationship of those involved.

Benefits of Mediation:

  • Less Adversarial
  • Lower Cost
  • Preservation of Relationships
  • Control
  • Creative Solutions
  • Protection of Privacy
  • Swift Settlement
  • Preservation of Options
  • Low Risk